Do you love online survival games? These are the games that can be played with other people, your opponents are real people playing from all around the world, this makes the game quite interesting and enjoyable, plus you won’t feel bored like ever.

I have an awesome game suggestion for you from this category – Paper io, what kind of game it is? How to play it? Positive sides of the game, etc. All of this will be discussed below, stay with us and enjoy our guide.

First of all, this game is all about survival, at some point this game reminds me of the quote: ‘I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.’ from Abraham Lincoln, you see in this game you have to capture territory, as much as it is possible. From the early stage of the game you will focus on the free territory, but as the match goes on and on you will sooner or later encounter your opponent’s territory. Like I have said before, the game is full of skilled gamers, and taking their territory, right not be easy at all.

Defeating your opponents
It is always advised to fight either inside your own territory or in the free territory, never fight in the area of your opponent, this will give them a clear advantage and you will most likely lose the fight. Now, if you want to win the fight, you will have to attack your opponents from the side, a pretty simple task if you ask me.

Conquering more land
In order to capture more land, you will have to draw big circles and connect lines with the territory. I would suggest you to move step by step, don’t go on big circles, your opponents will use the moment to attack you from the side when you are outside your base.

Also, focus on protection, you don’t want to lose your hard-earned territory!